Steam Punk Angel

Mask used - Essex Girl, CogWheels
 Image -Creative Misfits Jose Cano Exclusive
Toxic Desirez  - Steam Punk Angel

Font - Greer

 Make a 650x250 canvas
then make a 75x160 canvas
Open the light pink paper
paste as new layer
add closeup and use muras copies set to default wallpaper
or use the setting of choice
fade out to 45%
add the main tube-resize
place left side -add the pink leaf element,duplicate
mirror. add the flower branch,place left side
add lips resized,and cog element, apply mura copies line rotate.
add the frame element and closeup once more
apply xero-grey tinter
and red paw media set to black

 add dove resized,place as you like
add large cog element and place below framed layer
fade out a bit
apply mask as is to any paper
adjust add remove noise
duplicate,merge group then visible.
type out text - select all float modify expand 3
add layer fill fill with light blue from kit
adjust add remove noise then shadow
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