SkullZ & PixieZ

A Scrap Candy Exclusive
By Toxic Desirez Kristin
Mask038 By Becky
Click to save original size
On a 700x700 canvas,load the darkest paper
load the mask and in top tools,layers-new mask from image
merge layers group,then visible only
add the splatter,duplicate-mirror
add main tube with or w/o skull
place the skull-flower element
open a closeup tube, crop tool
settings-350 left and top
crop tube now.
add new layer fill with a color from main tube.
I used the tan from skull
adjust add remove noise
then add a light shadow
duplicate-resize by 65%
mirror,repeat on main framed image
placement as you like or as I did
apply redpaw media Beautifier default settings.
type out text using font- HoW tO dO SoMeThInG
I used alternate colors and added noise 45%
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