Fire Lake

Art is by Arthur Crowe
You can purchase it here
You can make your own word-art or use mine
just right click to save.
I ask that you do not share it,or upload and claim as yours.
Please supply a link back to here.

Let's begin with a large canvas of 750x750
Select the rectangle shapes tool
white foreground-stroke6
background Null(None)
selection inside,modify by 5
add two colors from tube,then gradiation tool-foreground/background
add new layer fill.
re peat adding a closeup tube
apply L&K Zita
apply layers properties to hardlight or your choice.
merge these layers only visible-selection all,float-defloat,modify expand by 3,add new layer
fill with red, adjust add-remove noise
shadow this layer,merge again
repeat by doing shapes-eclipse
and repeat last steps
and apply L&K Adonis
free rotate left around 16% on rectangle
make another eclipse,and add dotted lines-shape of eclipse
add your two main tubes and arrange as seen in tag,or as you like

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