Sexy & Dangerous

Designs By Joan - SEXY DANGEROUS
Texture used - Grab it Here
Font- Al Sandra
Mask Of Choice
Let's begin on a 700x700 canvas...will re-size at finish.
Draw out an eclipse-white foreground
background none.
width is up to you,I used 12
select inside and modify-expand by 4
add new layer and paste the texture of choice
into selection,making sure your on the added layer.
then press invert and add the closeup tube
remove excess by pressing delete
and select none
Take the target element and place below eclipse,but above tube layer
set to hard light and apply penta-dot n cross
make another shape use same color
making this a rectangle
add the same or different tube as in above steps
begin to add various elements
and use layer properties to mix them in.
add your © and name then save
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