Leather Love

No Scraps-Filters Only
My Word Fill
 Let's begin by picking out your tube.
I'm using all Black...Leather
Use the prest shapes create the eclipse shape width 7,stroke black
select all-float-defloat.
modify selections-expand by 3
add new layer fill to white
select none
duplicate both layers
mirror-flip both copies
repeat this with the star shape
adjust add-remove noise
37% Random
add the closeup inside each eclipse
duplicate both adjust,blur by 3
set to hard light and opacity 70%
fill the shapes with a gradient from tube. I used white and black
angle slightly to left, and repeats 2
repeat selection inside star and invert,adding my word fill,press delete selections none
on tube layers inside eclipse,apply Alienskin Constellation
Play with the settings for a small star field.
add a gradient layer for mask and repeat Constellation and texture if you like.
Repeat the layer below the main tube along with same noise settings and shadow if you like

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