This tutorial was written for those
that have a semi-working knowledge of ·PaintShop Pro·

Supplies Needed·3 Graphics or tubes of your choice
Eye Candy 5 Textures but this is optional and
I used
You must have a license to use  
See his work here
My Lic was from CILM

Open up a new transparent canvas 500 width 300 height
now open your 3 jpegs that you are wanting to blend
jpeg 1- promote to back ground layer, grab freehand selection tool (lasso)
with a feather of 30 applied draw around the figure you want blended !
it does not have to be tidy and brilliant !
once you have drawn around your figure go to selections / invert and hit delete
until your are happy with your image
Repeat these steps with jpeg 2 and 3
when your are done with your jpeg images
paste all 3 as new layers on the 500 x 300 blank canvas and arrange to ur liking
any images that are over lapping and not to your liking use your eraser but you dont have to be to picky LoL
ok on raster 1 of your 500 x 300 canvas flood fill with a colour or a gradient
of your choice and use a few brushes maybe to pretty it up a little
Now merge all flatten
now duplicate your flattened image!
and with ur top layer highlighted go to eye candy 5 textured noise
with these settings
now your top layer change the blend mode to soft light
and your botton layer change opacity to about
 42 or whatever looks good to you
now merge all flatten
add a new raster layer
Floodfill with gradient of your choice and change blend mode to soft light
add new raster layer
flood fill with your grid pattern in psp patterns change the blend mode of this layer
to overlay
Now merge all flatten
Now grab your selection tool  rounded rectangle feather of 30
and select 90% of your image (dont select to close to edges)
go to selections invert now go to texture effects / blinds
width 8 opacity 100 Colour of choice
Now we will add a border i added a black border size 2 and another blue size 4
On ur border size 4 click inside it with your magic wand tool ( no feather)
  and use texture effects
blinds with same settings as earlier
Now add your text and a drop shadow and arrange it how you would like
and then change the blend mode of your layer to hard light
merge all flatten
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