This tutorial was written for those
that have a semi-working knowledge of ·PaintShop Pro·

Supplies Needed·
Mask of choice
Eyecandy 4 gradient glow
Tube of choice, I used Keith Garvey
You must have a license to use his tubes.

Scrap used Vinyl Vixen,Not available anymore

that I know of.
I have a favorite mask I use frequently,
it is a Boundfull bliss mask here

Open Kristin template 126,duplicate,close original
canvas size 700x600
can reduce it later
open paper 4 from kit
select the black oval
float/defloat/modify smooth by 10
then invert
*ecp paper 4 as new layer
press delete after resizing 80% twice and once at 90%
select none
*delete the black oval layer now
activate the rectangle layer now
open another paper of choice and repeat above steps*
on glittered oval, go to adjust/hue sat.
set to zero on both sliders
pick a tube or two to use
now pick a color from one tube
and use manual color correction to colorize the grey oval
cp tube as new layer,place to left of tag
delete off the wording and stars
resize tube by 80%
open a closeup tube now
select all on top paper layer
ecp closeup as new layer
invert on paper layer,delete on tube layer
select none.
on pixel words layer, colorize this from a tube color
set to multiply
back to the kit.....let's open a pair of dukes shorts
and the doodle
resize to 35% on both....see my tag for placement
add a flower of choice from kit,resize 35%,placement of choice
add glitters,resize again
now merge all layers visible only
use 3d effects to give it a slight shadow
let's add a paper as new layer and load your fav. mask
merge group, duplicate,flip
erase out the ruff edges on masked layer
add your own saying and name,then make sure your © is visible
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