Radient Beauty

This tutorial was written for those
that have a working knowledge of PSP.

Supplies Needed:
PSP 10 (any version will work)
Tube of choice
I used artwork by Ismael Rac. If you would like to purchase his artwork please visit here

Mask by Simone

Thank You Simone for letting me use this.
Font of choice - I used The Nauti Gal
Plugin : Xero/radience & Eye Candy 4000/shadow lab

Let's get started!
First duplicate your image and close the original. Add a new layer.
fill with a color from tube,
add this effect to tube layer effects/ec 4/shadowlab

Layers/merge visible only
rotate make 90 degrees to left or right,doesn't matter
layers,new mask from image

now hit undo rotate on mask original
add new layer drag below image layer
image canvas size as follows:

fill with color of choice
layers,new mask from image again
delete mask/yes!
layers,merge group
load mask again/mask layer delete,
merge group
here's what ya have

grab the lasso tool/set to point
to point/replace
feather none
on merged mask layer,
outline your left side of mask first
selections/modify,contract by 3
copy/paste tube as new layer
re size if needed,
paste as new layer,
move into posistion of selection

highlight mask layer,invert
highlight tube layer/press delete
select none
repeat the same steps on right side of mask
only mirror tube first
on each side on tubes,
effects xero /radience as follows
repeat on right side
xero/porcalain on center image layer
default settings
add your ©

And save!
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