My Dark Angel

Scrap :  Angel Of Darkness

Martin Abel at CDO

Open and duplicate the template.
delete credit and word art layers.
delete the two small red circle layers
open paper 1 -select all float-defloat-invert on large black circle layer
paste paper as new layer,then on paper press delete
selection none.
open frame 1 paste as new layer-resize 95 % till it's overlapping the paper layers edges
using the move tool-move the left pink circle up and out to left a bit
right one, move down and over just the opposite
choose your closeup and place thos on each
or use the doll inside kit.
place re-sized cloud below doll tube
Kristin - Angel Of Darkness - Scythe
place bottom
add paper 6 on each large pink circles
then remove pink layers
delete layers 9 and 3
continue adding papers on desired layers
Kristin - Angel Of Darkness - Grim
place top left then remove layer 10
place webbed skull on right side behide doll layer
remove layers 11 and shadows
add lips re-sized at 50%
choose the reaper layer-select all float
modify expand by 4
new layer-fill with white
adjust add noise 100 random
merge all visible and repeat the noise layer
add text and ©
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