Rebal Rider

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Tubes - The Hunter
 Open Paper 8 - duplicate close original
load your favorite mask.
Merge group then visible only.
I don't flatten my tags, png files look better to me.
add the two or one tube to be used.
arrange and merge these only
**select all-float-modify expand by 2
add layer and fill with #ffffff
adjust-add-remove noise
set on 100%
merge again and shadow
add the razor frame and repeat **
choose another paper and add inside the frame
using the wand tool
and modify expand by 7,then invert
and press delete on paper layer
and shadow
drag below frame
apply L&K Zita
on paper
and masked layer
duplicate razor frame,on bottom copy
apply toadies what r u
13/13 press okay
apply zita again
adjust-sharpen 6 times
duplicate tube layer
drag below frame
top copy, where their legs meet, erase off
now they are stepped inside frame
the technical aspect of this is finished now.
just add any other elements and arrange

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