Byte Me

The guide assumes you have a small amount of paintshop
and Photoshop Knowlage
I'm sure some of the effects can be duplicated w/o the use of PS...(Photoshop)
However, here goes...use your own imagination and please do not make a
carbon copy of my tag.
Due to be out November 1st From Krisitn

Images used are Exclusive to Creative Misfits Forum

First, have the tube or stock image of choice
flattened open in ps
run the action called star dust
You can purchase it here 
I had so much fun playing with this.
once you have it the way you want it. in layers, delete hidden layers
and save as a png file
open in psp and use selection tool to crop out the part you want to use.
I ran a misting script to refine my image
you may grab it here

load the mask of choice on the misted image.
add any paper and grey scale it
load same mask
on film frame open in new window and paste the original ps image as
new layer,crop to size
merge and add to main tag

begin adding the rest of your elements and arrange as you like

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