Love 2 Rock!

By Toxic Desirez
Riesling and Impact
Photoshop Style On main Name
called Lovilicious
do a deviantart search for one that suits your taste.
Begin with a large canvas -700x700
add the paper and mask the layer
merge group then visible.
add the disco ball and use the shapes eclipse
to draw around slightly larger than ball
set font and set on floating
click and a littl letter A with a bow under will show
begin typing
when done,promote selection to layer
clear exclipse
select modify expand 2
add layer fill white
add noise
select none
add the main tube and elements around as you like.
add copyright and save as png file
open photoshop type out name in fat font. under styles, load styles
and locate the one you have downloaded,no need to add to ps folder.
just press the style and voila!
pretty eh?
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