Toxic Tude

By Toxic Desirez
Image Courtesy Of Ismeal Rac

Grab your favorite Tube and open in paintshop
From the kit,use the star frame.
and the paper of choice.
inside selection then modify expand at 5
press invert,paste paper onto the 750x750 canvas
press delete,select none
place the tube of choice where you want it.
take the pick tool and move the frame left a bit
now duplicate tube and erase off the bottom overhang from each copy
she's inside and out the frame now
now merge visible only
duplicate. add your other elements on the top copy. hide bottom for now.
after merging the top with chosen elements,
*select all,float modify expand by 2 add new layer
fill with #ffffff
go to top in tools,adjust add/remove noise
set on 100% and random
now shadow and merge visible
unhide bottom layer
re-size at 80% and filters,filters unlimited
use the settings of choice.
add copyrights and type your name and *repeat the add layer with noise and shadow
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