Death Koolaid

Arthur Crowe Exclusive
A Memorial Commission for my Dear Mother who
recently passed away.
She was a huge fan of His work as well as me.
If You want to earn her Royal Psychoticness
 Thank You Casper For the Inspirational Images

My Word Art

On a 650x650 canvas draw out an eclipse
and pull out as far as you like
shorten down slightly
convert to raster layer
now inside the shape using wand or selection tool
modify expand by 4 and paste a paper and close up tube
on eclipse now press invert
now on paper and tube press delete
and de select
add the tube, half will do
duplicate,pull below shape
hide top copy
erase off on bottom layer
now unhide top and repeat
add the skull hand chain
re size to fit across shape
add butterfly- repeat re size
add spiderweb in same way only dont ersae
just let it site just above closeup tube layer
apply re paw media,beautifier default
add paper for masked layer
merge visible and add text or your own word art
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