Penta Smears

Open both temps,duplicate,close originals
grab them Here
highlight(make active) the frame layer
tap inside with wand tool
modify expand by 4

add new layer and fill with color or texture of choice
drag to bottom repeat this for avatar temp
select none
delete lines layers on both temps
copy-paste tube,will be center automatically
apply xero porclain twice using the following settings

Copy tube and paste onto ava temp
re-size 95% a few times
add new layer-tool layer-choose two colors from tube
make a gradient
choose foreground/background

set to color legacy
use selection tool again and make small thin selections
over the tag area
promote to layer-select none
apply penta dot n cross

settings 255,3,2
repeat on ava
add your text and copyrights
save as a .png
Font used-Primitive Alien
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