Kiss Me

 Scrap from PMTWS
 Set One
Tube is  Norma Burnell
at ADI
On a 650x250 add the paper 5
as a fill not pasted onto
select all add new layer
and open paper 12,copy paste into selection
modify contract at 4 then press delete.
selections none. apply Alienskin Xenofex baked earth.

bed of gravel,as seen below
then apply 3d effects drop shadow

as seen below
add WA2 as new not move or re-size
set to overlay and 60% opacity
open the apple and place as you like,can be re-sized
I did mine at 85% 3 times and placed right bottom
repeat last steps with cup and place left bottom
add butterflies and keep size as is and placement as pasted.
add your choice in tube as new layer and apply xero-porclain,settings as desired.

duplicate,blur copy by 2 and set on softlight
add © and name then save.
To make the avatar,simply copy and paste into a 150x150 canvas, repeat adding the border as in main tag,same shadows and baked earth effect.
The Second Set was made using a Creative Misfits Exclusive
to show you can use any artwork.

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