Shape Font-Curious Device

On a large canvas of choice-Pick two colors from
the tube...Foreground Light BG Darker
Type Out using Caps The Letter L
arrange it center as possible.
selection inside-modify expand by 5
invert and paste closeup tube
and press deelte after arrangment
apply Xero-Radience-default settings
merge these two layers
use the eclipse tool
foreground color only
draw out just along the outter edges of font shape
text tool set to floating
and type out your quirky text.
selections promote to layer
selection none
repeat on right side.
add glow and shadow
now a slim rectangle foreground same color
as top part.
add tube again and color from tube for fill
erase out or selection modify repeat from top
apply xero-porcelain default
type out text and rotate left all layers un-checked
add and name and your copyrights

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