Winter Wishes


Winter Wishes by Designs by Sarah 

Mask-Exclusive Creative Misfits
You may join and be active this week to get it .
My Glow-Shadow Script
or the one that adds noise also Here
1. Coloring the tube layers
I used the desaturated layers and chose a color from kit.
adjust/color-manual color correction
2.Xero-emphasis, tick a color box in filter popup
and choose a color from lights in tube
settings aren't a science,just play with it
3.same thing with the hair,I used the brown layer and applied emphasis.
4.arrange elements like wood,scarf,and ribbon.
add the closeup layer and apply emphasis again.
add the paper of choice and load a mask of choice.
type out text, adjust add/remove noise
then gradient glow and a shadow.
I made a script to glow-shadow my text.
If You like you may use it,but not claim as your
To use this, have lokas shadow and eyecandy 4000 gradient glow installed first.
Place my Script into your trusted scripts folder.
re-start psp and find in list.

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