Move Your Body

Scrap used -Move Your Body
You can purchase this at PMTWS
It's on sale for .99 Cent WOW!!!

Open the double frame above,canvas to 650x650
add the paper of choice and the radial print element
selection all float-defloat-invert
on paper layer press delete
selection none and image rotate left 46 Degrees do it again same amount
merge these layers only
and have frame hidden.
then un hide frame
select inside right side
modify by 4 then invert
add your tube,duplicate
hide top layer tube
on bottom press delete
select none
then slide the opacity of top tube un hidden now
down to 60%
using the eraser move around and erase the areas
to make her hang out of frame
merge all layers visible this time
duplicate-adjust blur by 2
apply xero porcelain
apply text and copyrights
apply flaming pear coconut ice preset to text by selecting all
float defloat
then add a slight shadow
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