Scream At The House

This is a basic guide for those who
are new at paint shop tagging...
Fonts used are Wallows & Featherly

Art is by Arthur Crowe,but not sold in his store
as this is a personal commission he
made for me alone.

Firstly - Grab a tube to use, if you have one with desaturated layers all the better.
if not just use one as close to colors as possible.
I re-colored my layers to match,by using manual color correction
scaled it down to 650x 768 using photoshop for this part.
saved it, and re-open in paint shop
I placed some of the flowers and tags in a circular pattern
around the main tube.
placed the chain in top center
and placed the street lamp on each side.
duplicate and mirror to get yours lined up evenly
setting the two lamps to a hard light in layers properties.
place the bottle just behind tube
and arrange tag in same way.
if you want the whole tag to pop (stand out)
merge all visible and duplicate , top copy adjust blur by 3
and set to hard light
add the word art top over tube layer and re color if needed.
type out your name on a 500x500 blank image, save as a png
re open using photoshop
and use any layer style of choice.
I used one called lovilicious which is a free one from deviant art

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