Sugar Fae

Art: Personal Commission By Arthur Crowe
Pay To Use
An Exclusive At Hania's Design
By Kristin of Toxic Desirez

Only 3 People Have Permission to use this Tube:
And My Self

First- open the flower frame and canvas to 700x700
re-size by 80% all layers un checked
duplicate,close original
add your close up as new layer
erase off over hanging tube
merge visible and duplicate
set top copy to hard light 74%
and adjust blur to around 4 or 5 
or as you like
add any paper and load your mask of choice
now effects-edge effects,enhance once or twice
add the clouds,and fairy sparkle
add the bird ele.
bridge,sugar skull,butterfly
arrange these as you like,do not copy my tag!
mushrooms two of them
crystals arrange as needed
add main tube and repeat duplication,and blur and hard light
set to 74%
merge those only
and place where you like

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