Red Queen

By Toxic Desirez
On a 650 x 650 canvas add the paper of choice.
load mask from disc...I mostly use the same ones over and over.
This one is a wsl. mask WSL161 open the film frame
rotate 90 left or right
selections inside each section
modify expand by 4
invert and add closeup tube
arrange and press delete.
use my settings for brightening
duplicate closeup layer
and on top set to hard light
then adjust blur by 3
merge all layers visible
tube,copy and frame
mask should not be merged this time
Now duplicate and rotate copy 20% left
then mirror after duplicating this layer
here is what you should have

re size main tube if needed
and place over the merged frame layer
repeat the brighten stage
now on original tube layer- select all float defloat-invert
highlight top copy press delete
this removes the blur on edges
selection none.
now merge only main tube layers all others are hidden
selection all float-modify expand by 2
add layer fill white while highlited new layer
selection none
adjust add remove noise at 100%
and uniform
add lokas 3d shadow
settings below

add the roses 7 skull ele.
re size by 75%
add the red bunny and shadow it
add the red card 2, scale to 75%
place below bunny
add the snake skull repeat re size,
add your name with font of choice.
Don't forget the artist's ©
and always make a tag for kit designer and artist

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