Rebel Sistaz

Open Millies Template 42mpm2
canvas to 750x750
I replaced the word art to suit my needs.
I am using my own personal exclusive from Arthur Crowe
I haven't decided if I'll donate to any forums at this point in time.
Kit is by Toxic Desires: Rebel Sistaz

Mask By VIX
select the two side rectangles float defloat-invert
add paper of choice and press delete
now repeat this on main layer layer 1
and apply filters unlimited
puzzle tiler
as seen below

back to the rectangles
select all float-modify expand by 2 add layer
fill with white
adjust add-remove noise
random and 100%
shadow this layer
repeat on large layer 1
add the closeup tube of choice
erase off over hanging parts
duplicate,on top copy
set to hard light and blur by 3
re apply puzzle effect
on the large word art select all float defloat invert
copy the brad and paste as new layer
press delete
select none
I used both in kit and placed on each end
highlight the small word art layers

and apply gradient glow
add main tube and place below main wording
apply a filter of choice.
I like to make mine pop
so I use hard light on a dup. layer
add sparkles layer
add the little skull of choice
add the paper of choice
and load Vix's Big mask 1
re-size 80%
duplicate and mirror
then flip one copy
merge all visible and add copyrights
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