Just Super

Just Super
A New Exclusive at TTP
These two tubes work perfectly along with it!
Here and Here
Millies Template Here
I'll be using the first in the preview

First let's open the template and copy it.
close original(goes without Saying)
choose a paper or texture for each layer
selection all float-defloat-invert
paste each paper press delete
Continue on each layer as before
hiding the word art layers for now
add your desired tube
*select all float modify expand by 2
add layer fill white
adjust add noise 100%
or use dsb bright noise
repeat with layers after adding the papers
as above*
add closeup on corcle layers and repeat*
begin adding the elements
and merge layers visible only
Un-hide wordart and hide merged layers
now merge wordart except tiny text
hide it again
go to effect and eye candy or flaming pear and
add a bevel on wordart
I used photoshop actually to make mine pop.
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