The Walking Cuteness 1

Who says Zombies can't be cute?
This is a super adorable Zombie kit
packed full of awesome papers
and elements! You so do not want to
miss out on this kit.

Colors: Dark Grey Reds, Light Green & Teal

Template from SIS

Open and duplicate the template
remove the background (White Layer)
and creator credit layer
go to image/canvas size
add 100 to it
making it 800x800
we want to have room to keep
our paper from having scattered edges
on the 4 Cresent layers
select all float-defloat-invert
and choose two different papers
add as new layer,arrange press delete
select none
on the original cresent shape layers
select all again, float, modify expand by 2
add new layer and fill with #ffffff
select none,adjust add-remove noise Uniform
Monochrome 100
repeat till all layers of paper have this.
Or skip this part.
let's work on adding elements now
if you like,remove the other layers on template
or keep them and continue adding
center frame layer
adjust manual color correction
to a kit color
and add a closeup tube
erase off excess
apply red paw media
default settings beautifier
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