Font La Carte
Art Keith Garvey
No Scraps were used in this creation.
It's as old school as it gets!
Filters Used:
Layout tools-contrasting checkers
toadies - what r u
text out lines - fill with selection
my selection
word art
Or make your own wording using impact font

On a 850x850 canvas load my selection
invert and paste closeup
invert again add new layer
fill with color of choice
now merge and duplicate.
on bottom copy apply toadies what r u
then layout tools contrasting checkers
you should have this after you press sharpen 3 times
on main copy,apply redpaw media default settings
add the tube of choice
and selection all float
modify expand by two
add layer - fill white
adjust add/remove noise uniform 100
shadow and merge only the tube and noise layer
next hide tube layer
and grab the pen tool
set on 3 and color from tube
draw out some lines as in my tag.
see tag for placement
hide all layers and arrange with mover tool
the lines till they are in the place you like
then merge them only
and un-hide all other layers
here's how it looks so far
on the tube layer apply the filter Atomoshereizer
settings below
now if you still have the main layer from selection un merged,
use the preset rectangle selection
and select a part
past as new layer
apply mura copies
and place below all other layers
apply same filters as from beginning of this guide
sharpen also 3 times
duplicate apply toadies what r u
add your text and copyrights
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