Psychotic Sexy

Featuring art by Spazz
And Scrap By Toxic Desirez

Mask By VIX
Noise from PsP

First I made a large working area of 650x650
add the closeup and re-size to a workable size
load mask1 by Vix
add the paper of choice and repeat masked layer
apply L&K Zita default on both masked layers
merge visible and apply redpaw media Beautifier default.
add the boombox,devil,and notes
arrange as you like
add bows,cuff,and main tube
now merge visible only the parts you
want to add noise to
I did all of mine seperatly
adjust-add remove noise
Uniform,Monochrome checked
you may want to sharpen any of the elements if you used the rotate tool.
Text was white,with red stroke
the repeat the add noise layer
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