New Kit By Toxic Desirez

Font- Riesling Free to use
Mask is also by Kristin-Big Mask 005

Art By Arthur Crowe
Template is also By Kristin
Thank You Hon!

First let's open Kristin's template #247
delete the credit layer,
canvas size to around 950x950
let's begin by selecting the layers we want paper on.
slection,all modify-invert,then paste as new layer.
resize down to see all corners.
when it's over the area to be placed,press
delete-selection none.
repeat this on layers to be covered.
now one each shapes original, we are going to select all,float-defloat
modify expand by 3,add new layer
fill with white.
adjust add remove noise
now use your favorite shadowing settings
I arranged each element around my main tube,she's a skater,so use your imagination!

add your paper for the masked layer,and new mask from image,drop list will show the mask open in your psp
merge visible then group
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