Smooch This Clover

Mask By Vix
Art at PSPProject Kiwifirestorm

Fonts-Impact and Inspiration

SBP (SuperBlade Pro)
Preset can be found Here

I think that covers the supplies needed.

Open the paper of choice,and duplicate
close original,canvas size to 800x800
then re-size paper 95% THREE TIMES
load Vix's mask,I actually used two different masks. and two papers
let's merge all masked layers
open frame and repeat using one othe same papers and selection inside-modify expand by 4,then invert
add paper as new layer
press delete and repeat with closeup tube.
selections none
 merge layers and paste onto main tag,arranging to letf top
add the wishbone and ribboned horseshoe element
see tag for placement
add main tube and erase off the half legs.
and cover with wishbone fairy and ribbon.
add any shadowing of choice.
type out your name twice using two different fonts
select all float-defloat apply SBP
with settings using the preset I linked to.
I re-colored the scripted font
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