Pink And Festive

 Awesome Art Of Celine
Font-Adagio Pro
Scrap can be purchased at PMTWS
Called Pink Christmas
just follow the link Here
Begin by making a 650x650 canvas and adding the
light paper
load your mask and duplicate
merge both layers visible
add the snow globe-and circle frame
adding the tube inside and fill with a matching color
merge visible
apply xero soft mood,settings of your choice
set visibility to about 89
place under globe,and erase off the overage.
add the beads and main tube
duplicating the beads,place one below tube
and erase off top copy where her leg is
so she's almost wrapped in the string of beads.
add print-pink and present
use eyecandy 4000 gradient glow to give it all 
a white shadow effect.
I used the pink layers in the tube and christmas lights
since it's so close to the Holidays
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