Hungry For A Kill

or this One here
Kit- Crack Shot By HungryHill
You can find this awesome kit at Mystical Scraps
Mask of choice-I always use one By VIX
Font of choice-
Animation is optional,not required.
Here's a good one
This is meant to serve as a guide only.
Your results are your own....but please do not use my guide to re-write your own.

Open a 650x350 canvas
fill with white
add your first tube
and it will center as you paste.
in left tools area the mover tool
have layer active and move down a bit.
repeat with two similar tubes
merge visible
apply mura copies
now on top copy apply soft viginette

new layer-open paper6
in material layer area,choose pattern
and look for current pattern
and fill new layer
set to burn in properties or hard light
move below top copy of merged
add bang element-apply gradient glow
add the target ele,set to multiply
add smoke ele re-size
sun flower-screen in properties
merge all visible
add border-3 using two different color
having the same as top border and bottom border

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