Fight Like A Gurl

Yep it's that time of the year again,when we pull out the pink stuff...
 Grab my own template here
Scrap used ,Save the Boobies; Pimp My Tags w/ Scraps Store Collab
I want to Say to Maria who is batteling BC as we speak....We are all pulling for you and praying for a full recovery 
Open and duplicate, find the big rectangle layers
and fill with a duo gradient, using two colors from the tube
I chose purple and black from my tube.
This tube was done by Keith Garvey....I won it during the July Drawing.
The nude layer is my personal layer...the main clothed layer,I donated to a forum.
Please do not attempt tubing out of my tags,it's wrong and just plain rude!
grab the elements shown,if using same kit and arrange as you like.
use the mover tool and left/right arrows on keyboard to move the top half eclipse and wording to left of temp.
selection iside ribbon,add closeup and remove any excess.
apply xero radiance.
gradient glow was used on main tube and text.
VM Natural sparkle on big rectangles and tube
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