Punked Out

Mask used from:Insatiable Dreams

I am using “Punked Out” by Designs by Sarah
You can find this for purchase HERE
Filters Needed: DSB Bright Noise
EC4 Gradient Glow
VM Natural-Sparkle
On a 650x650canvas-add your paper of choice
load your mask.
add the frame shown
inside each eraser-tap with wand tool
modify-expand by 6
invert-add paper of choice.
arrange-resize by 80%
press delete-select none
add the star cluster
add your main tube
and duplicate cluster
arrange one below tube
erase off parts of cluster
she’s wrapped up in it now.
add the second ribbon cluster
below tube but above framed layer
begin adding vm natural-sparkle
to each layer
except clusters
add text and gradient glow
shadow it and add copyrights
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