Game Over

 Kit by Kristin at SATC
Tube By Spazz
Open Template 197 and remove credit layer
and raster layer 7 with wording
highlight layer 11 and copy of 11
one at a time,select all float-defloat-invert
open paper8 and paste onto selected layer
arrange-press delete-select now
repeat for next layer also
delete original layers leaving the paper
12 and copy of 12 pick another paper
repeat above steps
repeating on each template layer
till all are covered in a paper of choice
now go through list on temp and hide
all layers below copy of raster 3 all the way down
highlight layer 5 and select all-float-defloat
paste a closeup and apply xero-
highlight raster 3-adjust-hue-sat. and colorize to grey
then adjust h/s again-color and manual color correction
we want to change the color to match the kit or tube
use font small and type out anything you like
apply mura copies-tiling angle and gap 3
select all float-defloat on layer 5
press invert and then on text layer delete-select none
set on soft light
now add shadowing on layer 5
and round white noised layer
then merge visible
un-hide all layers now
and begin adding elements
then main tube
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