Dark UnderSea

Mermaid By The Hunter
Scrap  By BIBI's kits ::  DARK MERMAID 
 Mask by WSL

Grab your tube to be used,mask by wsl
and make a 650x650 or larger canvas.
load the paper onto canvas and re-size 95% 3 times
load from image or disc(psp) mask
merge group-visible
add the bricks element,duplicate mirror
and arrange staggered.
merge these and duplicate again,mirror again
make them offset above masked layer
add the frame of spikes-select inside modiy
selections-expand by 4
invert and paste closeup
arrange in area then press delete-select none
repeat with a contrasting paper
and set to overlay,above tube closeup
apply exero-radiance-default
 begin adding elements around
and place your main tube now.
I used Atmospereizer on a few
settings below

 add the text you like and copyrights
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