Skull Princess


 Toxic Desirez Scraps

Skull Princess

 Art Arthur Crowe...Image used is an exclusive

not sold in any shop

Mask Vix

Template From Creative Misfits Blog

6th down the page.

And the second in the preview

Red Paw Media Beautifier

Noise within PsP

Font - A&S Sign Gothic


Open the template,shift D to duplicate.
Close original, remove the wordart only from
the left side.
open your tube and pick a color from it.
let's do manual color correction on the wordart
Choose color black,then target color will be one from the tube used.
now adjust-add remove noise 70% random.
add the paper of choice,and load the big mask by Vix
layers merge group only
open the film frame,rotate 90 left or right
add the closeup tube
crop image.
cavas to enough room to insure that there is no
overhang of tube or paper.
then re-crop
merge,apply RPM Beauftifier
place onto template and use move tool to
arrange it on the right side
add the castle,rose,girly skull
add the word art circle
and place to bottom above masked layer
add the sparle element - resize and place at base of main tube
type out your name using a color from image
apply inner bevel or gel
add © and save

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